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CarsRent365 Connects you with the best car rental offices in Jordan and Qatar.

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 1. We provide you with the best prices since we include many local car rental offices as well as global car rental offices and therefore we have a huge fleet of cars.

2. The amount to be paid is the amount shown on the screen where there are no additional taxes. 

3. Our WhatsApp account is available 24 hours a day, where you can communicate with us through WhatsApp anytime you want.( )

4. Follow up on the booking with the car rental offices before the client arrives at the office.

5. We make contact with the client and make sure there's no trouble in receiving the vehicle. 

You only need a credit or debit card to book your car. When you pick the car up, you’ll need:

  • Your voucher / eVoucher.
  • The main driver’s credit/debit card, with enough available funds for the car’s deposit.
  • Each driver’s full, valid driving license, which they’ve held for at least 12 months (often 24).
  • Your passport and any other ID the car rental company needs to see.
Different car hire companies have different requirements, so please make sure you check the car’s Additional Information as well.

Yes, as long as their information meets the booking requirements, just fill out the driver's information in the driver's detail section.

We work with many local and international car rental offices, so there will be special price offers.

yes, all fees are included in the rental price.

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About Us

cars Rent 365 is one of Jordan's biggest online car rental services.
Cars Rent 365 has many local and International car rental offices where it helps you get the best prices from its partners without any hidden additional fees.
You can rent vehicles of several sizes where small, medium, and large, SUVs, buses, and luxury cars are available.


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